Welcome to my data blog.

I have learned and experienced a lot over my career. This blog is my place for sharing some of that as it relates primarily to data projects and will go into more specifics about insurance related data projects. Even more specifically I will dig into what I have been doing over the past few years which is implementing what is now known as Duck Creek Technologies’ Insights product.

I was part of the team who developed it initially. Most of us from that team actually go back much further together in data projects.  While at Duck Creek I was tasked with creating a data consulting practice within Professional Services as well as continuing to interact with prospect, clients and system integration partners.

Now I am consulting via my own LLC. I will share over 30 years of experience as a production IT manager and as a consultant here where it hopefully it will help you implement well. Even better engage me for your project.

Common themes will be around foundations for a rock solid implementation. 

It is vital to remember that your data stores are going to be used for strategic decisions and possibly for regulatory reporting. In other words bad data can sink a company. You need for it to be right and reliable from the start. You need it to be monitored along the way so you are on top of all bad data that could sneak through. I can help you with that foundation as I have helped many other companies.

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